Korusys are developing a range of Network Synchronisation products aimed at bringing telecom quality synchronisation to the Financial, Telecom, Test and Measurement and Industrial marketplaces.

First in the range is a PTP Line Rate Master IP block that can be targetted at FPGA's. This IP block contains a full PTP stack and implemented Gigabit Line Rate Processing of PTP packets allowing it to be connected to up to 4000 slaves at the maximum packet rate of 128 packets per second with no loss of performance

Second in the range is the Korusync PTP PCIe card, bringing telecoms quality synchronisation to various markets such as Telecoms infrastructure and High Frequency Trading. It is delivered with a daemon that delivers the card's time, highly accurately, into the Linux system. Further software applications are available with the card including

AppClock : A software app that provides ultra low latency access to super-accurate time by replacing the heavyweight Linux system clock with a lightweight, scalable and nanosecond accurate software clock.

AppTrack : A software app that allows the user to provide super-accurate timestamps to events inside the user application space and to have these forwarded and logged in an ultra lightweight manner. It allows visibility of intra core transactions at the software level to help tune and monitor the performance of Trading algorithms. Please download our White Papers for more information on the application of Sync to the financial sector and re-visit this page regularly to see further product releases. In order to download the White Papers please follow this link..

White Paper 1 : The Application of Network Based Synchronisation in HFT infrastructure

White Paper 2 : Consuming Time in Financial Servers - Instrumenting your Applications

White Paper 3 : NTP Performance Vs Korusync PTP Performance

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Korusync PTP PCIe Card
The Korusys Korusync PCIe Card delivers class leading accurate time to Servers via the IEEE 1588-2008 protocol. The system has been developed specifically for the financial infrastructure market space.

The system includes the Timing Toolkit suite of software : Korusyncd : A daemon that allows the server system clock to disciplined to within 10's of ns of UTC

AppClock : Provides a super lightweight and highly accurate replacement for the linux system clock. Now your applications can read time accurately and without degrading algorithm performance.

AppTrack : Provides a lightweight API logging function to provide accurately timed logs of internal software trading transactions. Now you have the ability to timestamp and record intra-core process transactions without affecting your system performance.

Further details of the application of this technology to the High Frequency Trading financial infrastructure can be found in the White Papers and the associated Product Brief and DataSheet. Alternatively, please visit our resellers website ->


Korusys PTP Line Rate Master IP block

The Korusys Line Rate Master IP delivers a fully compliant PTP Master solution with a gigabit interface that is able to support 4000 slaves at maximum packet rate. This is class leading performance in the market and allows proliferation of PTP slave solutions with much less overhead of associated Masters.

This technology, in various incarnations, is already embedded in some of leading PTP Test equipment and PTP Master solutions currently on the market.


Please contact us directly for more information and watch this space for future product announcements.