Nanosecond Network Time Solution

Use of NTP is widespread in the financial industry for “same second” traceable time, driven by regulatory pressures. High frequency and high volume trading now mean time is a vital factor in the success of a trading strategy.

Korusys has been heavily involved in work to deliver timing in new telecommunications networks using PTPv2 (IEEE1588). We are bringing that expertise into Financial Services; using our PTP-PCIe product and Timing Toolkit of software to deliver added value services.

Korusys' best in class timing solution delivers nanosecond accurate time over exisiting network infrastructure; Qos engineering, boundary or transparent clocks are simply surplus to requirements.

Unlike other solutions in the market we provide a solution to the 'Last Mile' problem of delivering this super-accurate clock right into the place its needed - in your application software.

Our products make this time available to software in a lightweight manner and build critical services, such as software metrics and logging, on top of this time-base.