Alongside our timing Products we also provide Consultancy services in the field of FPGA design and Network Synchronisation.

Network Synchronisation

As an organisation we have spent many years developing and testing Synchronisation products for the Telecoms market.

We offer, vendor neutral, bespoke consultancy services around Network synchronisation technologies and implementations.

Covering all aspects of Network syncrhonisation including, amongst others, Network Strategy, Timing Master References, Product Testing and Protocol Compliance

FPGA Design

We are experts in FPGA ddesign and have been developing FPGA's for the networking industry for over 20 yrs.

Many aspects of telcoms FPGA design are now prevalent in the Financial sector. For example Line rate processing and filtering of traffic for acceleration of trade execution or feed handling.

We have a long track record of succesful FPGA design consultancy at 40G traffic rates and beyond. Please contact us for references or to disucuss any aspect of FPGA design.