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PTP-PCIe Client

Korusys have developed a PCIe timing client and associated software dedicated specifcally for the financial market place. Beware that not all PTP solutions are the same. The PTP standard defines only the protocol, the timing recovery algorithm is left to individual vendors. This best in class card has evolved from our expereince in meeting stringent Telecom timing requirements and means it can deliver nanosecond accurate time over even highly loaded networks.

Our combination of hardware timestamping, FPGA expertise, super stable oscilaltor and the best time recovery algorithm, proven over years of use in Telecoms, delivers the most accurate PTP time available.

The Timing Toolkit

Along with the PTP hardware we have also developed a range of software that makes the imte available to the software accurately and provides software metrics and logging services that can utilise the accurate time and add value to financial algorithms and systems.


This is the Korusync daemon which disciplines the Linux system time to within tens of nanoseconds of the PTP card time solving the last mile of timing delivery from card time into software time.


A super lightweight software clock that resolves all of the common issues prevalent in the system clock provided by Linux. Low latency access, scales across multiple cores, truly monotonic and nanosecond accurate.


An extremely lightweight instrumentation daemon that provides a method of timestamping and logging events within the applications to an external instrumetnation system with minimal overhead. The highly precise log can then be used for back testing or regulatory purposes